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We are so proud to say that our Care Shop on December 16, 2017, was an absolute success!! Thanks so much for donating to our cause and believing in our mission. Special thanks to the hardworking volunteers who gave their time and hearts to a full day of service. Thank you to Park Avenue Thorpe for being such an amazing example of what it means to help others rehabilitate their lives. This year has been a blessing, full of lessons, new friendships, and beautiful opportunities.

As we say goodbye to 2017, we hope that you help us keep The Pop-Up Care Shop alive for years to come. We are currently looking for people to join our team! If you’d like to learn more, please email us. We ask that you also continue to spread the word of our work and support/share our GoFundMe in the coming year.

Thanks again for being so awesome and allowing us to do this once again! Wishing all of you a happy holiday season.

Check out photos from our Care Shop on our Facebook and Instagram!

Happy Holidays!

Kadia + Kydee

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