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The Pop-Up Care Shop is an interactive charity drive project. Partnering with different non-profit organizations, we collect donated goods and “set-up shop” to create a fun shopping experience for those truly in need. Items are nicely displayed in retail-fashion and shoppers get to thoughtfully pick out what they want. Our unique method rejects the standard of drop-off donations and brings the goods to the people directly and with style!


Phase 1 – We host a clothing drive  social event, hosting locals and influencers. Guests are invited to donate their old goods and learn more about our cause.

Phase 2 – We take those donated goods and set-up shop at charity location.

Our mission is to redeem the less fortunate with dignity, enjoyment, and, most of all, choice. So many homeless women have faced hardship because of their loss of choice. Poverty and abuse can make anyone feel powerless, and many homeless women fall victim to these painful realities. We aim to empower these women with the opportunity to choose.


DECEMBER 16TH: The Pop-Up Care Shop at Park Avenue Thorpe

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We are so proud to say that our Care Shop on December 16, 2017 was an absolute success!! Thanks so much for donating to our cause and believing in our mission. Special thanks to the hardworking volunteers who gave their time and hearts to a full day of service. Thank you to Park Avenue Thorpe for being such an amazing example of what it means to help others rehabilitate their lives. This year has been a blessing, full of lessons, new friendships, and beautiful opportunities.

As we say goodbye to 2017, we hope that you help us keep The Pop-Up Care Shop alive for years to come. We are currently looking for people to join our team! If you’d like to learn more, please email us. We ask that you also continue to spread the word of our work and support/share our GoFundMe in the coming year.

Thanks again for being so awesome and allowing us to do this once again! Wishing all of you a happy holiday season.

Check out photos from our Care Shop on our Facebook and Instagram!

Happy Holidays!

Kadia + Kydee

NOVEMBER 18TH: Clothing Drive + Trivia Night

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Tivoli Towers
49 Crown St.
Brooklyn, NY 11225
Community Room

The Pop Up Care Shop Trivia Night Social Media Flyer

333 Lounge

333 Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY 11217




Please support our 2017 GoFundMe!

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We are gearing up for our second annual Care Shop! This year we are treating the ladies of Park Avenue Thorpe (via Nazareth Housing). Please help us make this year even bigger and better by donating to our GoFundMe and following our Instagram for updates!



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Kadia + Kydee

We are two NYC writers who are dedicated to the empowerment of women and promoting compassion for humanity. In 2016 we met at a professional women’s conference in search of discovering a network of creatives whose passions aligned with ours and we found each other. We discovered our shared interest in philanthropy and our desire to make a direct impact on our community. Thus, the Pop-Up Care Shop was born.


After years of creating spaces and projects serving our communities, as well as supporting and working with charitable organizations, we noticed the lack of choice in service to the homeless. With traditional drop-off donations homeless people are usually given one option: take whatever they can get. We believe in giving them what they want. There is power in CHOICE. Something as simple as choosing what you want to wear can make a difference in the way a person views themselves and their own potential. Think about it, every day we have the opportunity to choose what we want to eat, wear what we want to wear, even use the bathroom when we want to. But, for a homeless person, those privileges are limited and sometimes nonexistent.  By presenting the power of choice to the those who are less fortunate, we aim to redeem their dignity.


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The Pop-Up Care Shop is a crowd-funded nonprofit project. We appreciate any kind of support, whether monetary, gifts, or services.  Of course, the most impactful support is funding, as we aim to serve a great number of people and give them a memorable experience. To donate to The Pop-Up Care Shop, please visit our GoFundMe Page.


We are currently accepting drop-off donations. As of now, our project serves women and children (including infants), so any gently-used or new clothing, shoes,or accessories are welcome! We work with 501(c)3 charity organizations, so any donations that benefit the select organization will be tax deductible. To find out how to do drop-off a donation, please email us at ThePopUpCareShop@gmail.com.


The Pop-Up Care Shop is event-based, so there’s always a need for volunteers! Our events include fundraisers, clothing drive mixers, and of course, Care Shops. Volunteers have been a huge part in making The Pop-Up Care Shop a magical event for people in need. As a Care Shop volunteer, you get to help with production and you get to assist shoppers, helping them feel comfortable, loved, and supported. If you are interested in being on our Volunteer List for future events and/or Care Shops, please email us at ThePopUpCareShop@gmail.com.

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The Pop-Up Care Shop was made possible by our generous sponsors, supporters, and donors.


SPONSORS & Partners (past and present)

333 Lounge


Empress Varnado

Heeling Soles


Nazareth Housing

Oyin Handmade


Sensual Beauty Boutique

Sparkling G

Visual Connoisseur

Uplift Studios

Warehouse Gallery


Angie Vasquez

DJ Lotus Moon

Justin Johnson

Nia Stevens

Rayna Mengel

DONORS (Excluding anonymous donors)

Aceneth Mercado

Akilah Browne

Amara Myricks

Ashley Harrington

Barbara Thomas

Candace Henderson

Erica Martin

Erica Sheldon

Frank Vivolo

The GoFundMe Team

Jef Kearns

Karland Allison

Kirrah Allen

Lena Kongolo

Melissa Pegram

Myleka Caeser

Robyn Taffe

Eternal thanks to every single person who contributed their time, money, service, love, and support to our project. Because of you, we were able to set-up our first Care Shop in 2016.  We forever appreciate you. Thank you!

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Contact The Pop-Up Care Shop: