The Pop-Up Care Shop is an interactive charity drive project. Partnering with different non-profit organizations, we collect donated goods and “set-up shop” to create a fun shopping experience for those truly in need. Items are nicely displayed in retail-fashion and shoppers get to thoughtfully pick out what they want. Our unique method rejects the standard of drop-off donations and brings the goods to the people directly and with style!


Phase 1 – We host a clothing drive social event, hosting locals and influencers. Guests are invited to donate their old goods and learn more about our cause.

Phase 2 – We take those donated goods and set-up shop at a charity location.

Our mission is to redeem the less fortunate with dignity, enjoyment, and, most of all, choice. So many homeless women have faced hardship because of their loss of choice. Poverty and abuse can make anyone feel powerless, and many homeless women fall victim to these painful realities. We aim to empower these women with the opportunity to choose.


11/15/19: The Pop-Up Care Shop will be serving CAMBA’s Broadway House, a shelter that supports women ages 60 and up, for the second year on Saturday, December 14, 2019.

We are so proud to be expanding our reach to a demographic often underserved when it comes to community efforts. So many exciting things happening. Stay tuned!

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