Kadia + Kydee

We are two NYC writers who are dedicated to the empowerment of women and promoting compassion for humanity. In 2016 we met at a professional women’s conference in search of discovering a network of creatives whose passions aligned with ours and we found each other. We discovered our shared interest in philanthropy and our desire to make a direct impact on our community. Thus, the Pop-Up Care Shop was born.


After years of creating spaces and projects serving our communities, as well as supporting and working with charitable organizations, we noticed the lack of choice in service to the homeless. With traditional drop-off donations homeless people are usually given one option: take whatever they can get. We believe in giving them what they want. There is power in CHOICE. Something as simple as choosing what you want to wear can make a difference in the way a person views themselves and their own potential. Think about it, every day we have the opportunity to choose what we want to eat, wear what we want to wear, even use the bathroom when we want to. But, for a homeless person, those privileges are limited and sometimes nonexistent.  By presenting the power of choice to those who are less fortunate, we aim to redeem their dignity.